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Starting from scratch

Starting from scratch with all lessons learned in tact. Standing on two feet others cut at ankles, knees, and from hip to below. Leaning in forward slash astrik so I can comment out your existence. The whole chunck.

Fun and Games

All fun and games, until the repetition stains and the pains of taunts teach you the psychological pain, real like a world tournament. You can up it, but know it, that it all comes with it. Everything you did and wanted.
Creating new systems, creating new content. Sitting content to know to get the context. Draw my rec before I fill it. Style that I pick loving continuous improvement. Practice Lean not Lent.

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Turn Coats


With it,
the leaves go. Summer's warm glow.
So, the lush greens who've altered their
their allegiance
you can see it. Their proud red, orange
and yellow; parade the streets with it.
a cool breeze twirls amongst the leaves.
they go.
With it.

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Break From Reality


This is what I do when I break from reality. Not moving but you can't catch up to me quickly. Beating you with gravity years, 2 generations and black diamond tears.
Redefining my theory of everything. Relating Physics to the I-Ching...